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The Technology Day was professionally done, informative, experiential and just about the best thing I have seen in a long time. It is rare to find a business that puts educational quality, schools and student needs above making a profit. The approach of School is a rare find. It has been a privilege to work with you and your outstanding staff.

Many educational opportunities including the Miss Sally Summer Program have been sponsored by My Schoolware as we strive to find or develop the best and most affordable technology available to make a distinct difference in a diminished moment in time.  In addition, Schoolware hires the best local teachers and provides them with training and support while keeping student/teacher ratio low.  These educational opportunities serve as  wonderful ways to prove products and provide insight to the support and training needs of the teachers implementing the products and methods.  Repeatedly research reveals the net results of technology follows the preparedness of educators.  

Through the Miss Sally summer program Schoolware works with local community agencies to help break the cycle of welfare dependency by instructing low income students with individualized educational needs.  At the same time with the same resources and the same teachers, advanced students through Southeastern Oklahoma State University's GEARUP program also participated in the Miss Sally summer program.  Schoolware has also provided successful Math and Technology Days for students enrolled in Oklahoma's alternative education system.  Efforts were successful and gains significantly measurable.  Yet, teachers, mentors and mothers all agree, gaining computational fluency made the greatest difference long term for students struggling with mathematics.  

The NCTM Principle and Standards of School Mathematics (2000) defines computational fluency as having efficient, flexible and accurate methods for computing.  Fluency is not to be confused with speed.  However, students developing computational fuency will by exposure to problem solving develop rapidity.  Computational fluency is available when a student has the ability to rapidly determine if mental math, paper and pencil methods and/or the use of technology is the best method for a particular problem.  Determining by estimation if the solution to a problem is reasonable serves as another indicator of computational fluency.   

Research into the study of children's mathematical thinking tells us children use various strategies to develop computational fluency.  For computational fluency to engage there are three steps children must take before retention, rapid recall and flexible use of facts will occur in all four operations.  Storing facts is just the beginning.  Students must take the fourth step toward successful problem solving.  As the student repeatedly completes the steps, development of reasonable answers will occur.  Students move through these steps at an individual pace.  Both the level of student experience and the problem difficulty will determine the strategy used.  (Carpenter, Fennema, Franke, Levi, Empson 1999)

Based upon scientific research and the results of many years working with various educators, Schoolware has developed math fact fluency products.  Please click here to learn more...