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Math Facts Matter...they really do!

Many schools have limited or no access to labs; therefore, at the request of our teachers, we developed computational fluency classroom materials  to lead, support and supplant lab time.

Classroom teachers requested brief content delivering daily systematic practice and mastery of  math facts to early math learners.  We agreed to their demands because a computer is harnessed potential in a box, but it is still just a box.  In comparison, a skilled educator in control of curriculum and the classroom is a wonder to behold.  With adequate tools, specified methods and targeted practice, teachers can lead their students in successful computational fluency without ever leaving the classroom.  These products also minimize the demand upon class time while maximizing the teacher and student effort to retain facts and gain flexibility in computation.

Minute Missile Materials-Searchable and printable classroom resources including activities and games for teaching computational fluency.

Countdown-Quick way to practice a defined group of flash cards with every student in your class.  Countdown is also a great way to assess students and identify individual needs.  Great to use with interactive whiteboards.

Blast Off-Quick, fun method for providing individualized practice of facts.  Determines each student's target facts in a few short minutes.  Can be used in the lab or the classroom.  A favorite among teachers and students.

Products work on tablets, phones, MACs and PCs



         Game Boards loved by parents, students and teachers

  • aligned to Math Facts Matter fact fluency levels
  • affordable and colorful with fun themes
  • quick, fun practice
  • durable, heavy card stock laminated on both sides
  • rounded corners - made to last
  • perfect size to store - 8.5" by 11" size is easy to file or display
  • double sided - front side has facts aligned to levels
  • back side is blank and can be used with ANY subject


Meaningful Targeted Practice
Students think they are just having FUN!



A Matter of Facts
Schoolware, Inc. researched and developed A Matter of Facts, a web-based computer program that provides practice of math facts in a highly effective way to users of Macs and PCs.  This product became very instrumental in providing older learners with computational fluency in addition and multiplication within eight weeks. 

A Matter of Facts is engaging to the student, easy for the teacher and it works.  It is an excellent resource for the transient student needing to quickly catch up.  It is also a great tool for the more mature learner who never received computational fluency in elementary school by providing the older student with rapid recall of facts in the most compact amount of time.

Product works on MACs and PCs

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DURANT – After leaving her job as technology coordinator for Achille Public Schools in Bryan County, Kathy Robinson started a home business developing academic software from her kitchen table. From that one-person, working-at-home beginning 10 years ago, her company, Schoolware Inc., has expanded into a provider of Web-based academic products to public and private schools in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Louisiana with more than 20 employees.  Read more...

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I think this product has a strong potential of improving a child's math facts when used regularly, ideally most school days. The goal of the product is to provide rapid recall of math facts. With continuous use, I believe this goal can be achieved. The only drawback in our home was having only one computer to work with, although we were eventually able to agree on a suitable schedule for all users. Any time my boys tell me they enjoy doing math, I am one happy mom--willing to accommodate drawbacks!  Read more...