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A Matter of Facts
Fast & Independent race to rapid recall of math facts!


Our flagship product is designed to recognize and record each student's response to every fact while tracking their progress.  The information gathered is then used to target specific trouble facts.  The system  automatically rewards students by unlocking game time. 

Practicing facts with A Matter of Facts 10-15 minutes 3-5 times per week assures your students will be fluent in math fact recall.  The upper level mathematics teachers will thank you for preparing their future students for success in high rigor mathematics.  If you are a teacher of upper level students lacking in fact fluency, A Matter of Facts will solve this problem!

Suggested for use with the following learners:
3rd Grade & Above
Intermediate/Junior High
High School Remediation
Transient Student
Summer School
  Special Education
Alternative Education
Adult Learner

A Matter of Facts Pricing
(no minimum purchase required)

O $15 each (1-99) student users  

O $12 each (100-299) student users

O $9 each (300-499) student users

O $7 each (500-999) student users

O $5 each (1000>) users



Target the Mature Learner

Pre-algebraic Mode Option

Meaningful Practice

Individualized Trouble Facts

Targeted Practice

Personalized Fact Practice

Distributed Practice

Sustained + Succinct Sessions = Success