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With the total solution, students achieve math fact fluency faster, more efficiently and learn to love math!

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You finally found the faster, more efficient math fact fluency solution uniquely designed for learners of all ages including home, K-12 and adult learners. i.e. workforce centers, junior colleges, alternative learning systems, high schools, etc. 

For the same low-price use one, any or all supplemental Math Facts Matter fluency solutions! Select your best solution(s) based upon class resources and learner needs.


Detailed Reports

Parents, teachers and school administrators love the captured information our reports provide! Discover the math facts your students mastered, missed, and hesitated.

Hesitated facts are facts students know via storage or strategy but are slow to recall to the frontal lobe. Targeted practice of hesitated facts will collectively increase the rate of recall of all facts. So, practice hesitated facts first for greater success.

Motivate your competitive students with friendly contests. Also, quietly encourage reserved students to compare their previous personal best to their current high scores. With our reporting, you can do both! 

Top Reporting Features

  • Benchmark Assessments for all 4 operations
  • Individual math fact fluency performance reporting
  • Class average performance reporting
  • Individual performance and class average comparison
  • Motivate students with individual badge collection
  • Hesitated and missed math fact lists
  • SPP (seconds per problem)
  • PPM (problems per minute)
  • Exportable CSV class and admin files
  • Much more!

Motivate Students to Succeed

Targeted practice, collectible badges, fun space themes, and high score charts motivate students to love mastering math facts. Students feel a real sense of achievement as they master each fact level and collect their badge. 

Relying on the latest in brain research, Math Facts Matter uses a multi-sensory approach by appealing to the occipital, temporal, and parietal lobes for fact storage fused with visual, auditory, and tactile cues for fact retrieval.

Remove fear of fluency and replace it with the confidence to succeed. Conquering every fact view including horizontal, vertical and pre-algebraic provides number sense skills and prepares learners for problem solving.

Students acquire satisfaction in their success as they monitor their ever-increasing personal score in the Hall of Galactic Champions. The rapid recall of math facts is made easy and engaging with the Math Facts Matter total solution at one low price!


Works Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Grades 3-Adults

Enrichment grades 1-2
Best Practice Intervention for:
Jr. High, High School & Alternative School
Junior Colleges & Work Force Centers


Blast Off provides individualized practice allowing students to master all operations and facts presented in horizontal, vertical, and pre-algebraic view.

With short 10-minute practice sessions, students learn math facts in a fun, effective, and stress-free way.

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Independent Student Practice


  • Easy 10-minute practice sessions best fit busy schedules
  • Effective with less screen time 
  • Student driven individualized algorithm adapts to student response
  • Does not require teacher configuration
  • Identifies ten most troubling facts in real time for individual targeted practice
  • Better retention and faster recall
  • Strategy Utilization
  • Motivate students and track progress with badges 
  • Original timer algorithm reduces test anxiety

Works Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Grades 3 to Adult
Enrichment grades 1-2

Benchmark in 4 operations!

If you want to know what they know about math facts, you want to try Space Challenge!



Space Challenge is a quick 5-minute benchmark that tests your students’ math fact fluency.

With colorful graphics and video, sound effects, and a galactic quest, students embark on a space adventure to answer the set of math facts for a chosen operation.

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Assessments for Benchmarks


  • High score chart provides motivation through individual, class or broader competition
  • Benchmark beginning, mid-term and end-of-year math fact fluency quickly and easily
  • Detailed reports document longitudinal development of recall, speed, and accuracy
  • Easily identify hard to master facts of individuals 
  • Identify class-wide hard to master facts and provide targeted group practice

Works Great With WHITEBOARDS

Grades K-6

Intervention All Grades

Great tool for teacher facilitated whole class instruction, or teacher designed lessons for group and/or individualized practice of trouble facts. Can be used in conjunction with online learning or linked out to student for independent practice. Very versatile!


Countdown is a teacher facilitated digital flash card tool. Countdown develops powerful multi-sensory memory and recall strategies.

Designed to help students store hard to recall math facts with short, daily practice sessions. Countdown is highly effective with early learners, disabled learners, and any group having difficulty learning a specific fact level. Teachers of these learner groups quickly appreciate the effectiveness and convenience of this tool.

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Whole Class Instruction


  • Conduct whole class targeted practice using the see, say, hear, and write method in just 3 minutes per day!
  • Customized independent practice sessions
  • Appeal to the occipital, parietal, and temporal brain lobes for fact storage
  • Use visual, tactile, and auditory cues to aid math fact retrieval and rapid recall
  • Easily create games and activities with Countdown's study sheet, quiz, and flash card generator
  • Increase student accountability with 3-minute weekly paper or electronic fact tests
  • Good tool for online learning
  • Practice sessions and tests can be linked out to offsite students

Independent Learning

Grades K-6

Intervention for all grades!

Restructures teacher time by fostering individual student learning. Creates moments for one-to-one student teacher intervention. Perfect opportunity for peer tutoring!


Space LAB is a collection of printable worksheets, activities, and games that help students learn and practice math facts in a variety of fun and creative ways.

Space LAB is actually more than a simple collection of resources. It is an independent learning system.

With the Space LAB system, teachers get more free time while students are encouraged to learn independently with self-checking activities. 

Classroom Resources


  • Fun, independent activities
  • Engaged Learning
  • Answer keys for self-checking
  • Scaffolding design for arithmetic basics
  • Includes games and puzzles
  • Word Problems
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Pre-algebraic
  • No prep activities