"The Technology Day was professionally done, informative, experiential and just about the best thing I have seen in a long time. It is rare to find a business that puts educational quality, schools and student needs above making a profit. The approach of Schoolware is a rare find. It has been a privilege to work with you and your outstanding staff."

— Denise Riley Assistant Director CSDC/OTAC

Many educational opportunities including the Miss Sally summer program, Oklahoma Alternative Ed Technology Day, and have been sponsored by Schoolware, Inc., the makers of Math Facts Matter.

Our in-house and on-site learning opportunities provide experiential knowledge in on-going research and development. We also provide robust support and training to better implement our products and methods. Successful implementation always follows teacher preparedness.   

Math Facts Matter was developed by Schoolware, Inc. because students participating in our programs did not have computational fluency. Math Facts Matter minimizes the learning curve and has several components: 

  • Blast Off - an individualized student practice, does not require teacher facilitation
  • Space Challenge - an assessment tool, great for benchmarks
  • Countdown - a multi-sensory method for easy, targetd fact storage, developed for users K-6, but useful for hard to learn facts at any age
  • Space Lab - classroom resources including activity sheets, puzzles, and games

Our intervention efforts were maximized when we used Math Facts Matter to teach math facts. Without computational skills, we were not making gains in mathematics. Today, only 1 in 10 college students can pass a basic multiplication test with 40 problems per minute.

DeMaioribus, C. (2011). "Automaticity of Basic Math Facts:  The Key to Math Success?" Masters Thesis, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN.

The NCTM Principle and Standards of School Mathematics (2000) defines computational fluency as having efficient, flexible and accurate methods for computing. Fluency is not to be confused with mere speed. 

Only when a student is fluent in recall of all four operations, fluid in bidirectional movement on the number line and flexible in responding to operation symbols will students have good number sense.

Math Facts Matter addresses fluency, fluidity, and flexibility while fostering fearless fact fluency with our unique timer algorithm. 

Students with good computational fluency more easily determine by estimation if the solution to a problem is reasonable.

Students need fluency, fluidity, and flexibility to rapidly determine if mental math, paper and pencil methods and/or the use of technology is the best method for a particular problem.   

Research into the study of children's mathematical thinking tells us children use various strategies to develop computational fluency. Math Facts Matter solutions promote teacher facilitation of strategies. Both the level of student experience and the problem difficulty will determine the strategy used.  (Carpenter, Fennema, Franke, Levi, Empson 1999)
Based upon scientific research and the results of many years working with various educators and students in need of fact fluency, My Schoolware developed Math Facts Matter solutions to fill an ever-widening gap in student learning. Please click here to learn more...