We are again looking forward to working with Kathy Robinson this school year and I highly recommend Schoolware, Inc. to any program or company considering their expertise.

Shari Williams
Assistant Director
Choctaw Nation Interlocal Cooperative



Kathy it is a pleasure to work with you and your people, you always go the extra mile.  Any time we need anything you are always there and ready to help.  I appreciate everything you do for us.

Don Wallace
Technology Director
Caney Public Schools



I wanted to congratulate you on the nomination of Schoolware as the small business of the year!  We are excited about your decision to locate here, providing new opportunities and contributing to the economic strength in Southeastern Oklahoma.  Best wishes for continued success!

Michael D. Turner
Southeastern Oklahoma State University



Math Facts Matter was used at the second, fourth, and fifth grade levels at one elementary campus in Garland ISD.  Teachers and students like Math Facts Matter.  They stated the easy log-in and the motivational game format were 2 of the main reasons.

A constant response from teachers and students was the motivation.  Students wanted to work in Math Facts Matter because of the games.  Math Facts Matter addresses the needs of our students who are now more visual learners in this Digital Age.

Overall, the students showed gains in learning math facts.  They were motivated with the format which impacted our students' learning and teacher's effectiveness in the classroom.

Norma Williammee
Training Coordinator
Technology Center
Garland ISD



As the Special Education Director and Federal Programs Director at Silo, I was fortunate enough to write a grant to purchase the most wonderful software I have ever personally used.

Ms. Kathy Robinson is the person we purchased through.  She was very helpful throughout the purchase and after the sale.  We do a lot of business with Schoolware.  I have personally known Kathy for approximately ten years, and she is good to her word.

Kim Marlow
Special Education Director and Federal Programs Director
Silo Public Schools



The Technology Day was professionally done, informative, experiential and just about the best thing I have seen in a long time.  It is rare to find a business that puts educational quality, schools and student needs above making a profit.  The approach of School is a rare find.  It has been a privilege to work with you and your outstanding staff.

You gave students an opportunity to see something that could make a huge difference in their lives.  The evaluations revealed the excitement and appreciation of both the teachers and students.  More than one student said they thought the day was awesome.  Be assured that you seldom see a group of 28 alternative students, or any students and teachers become engaged and excited and remain interested in the entire day!  You did that!

Denise Riley
Assistant Director



I have worked in education for 32 years and have seldom met a more dedicated educator and staff.  Kathy and her team of experts are willing to assist all schools with materials that fit their needs.  Any vendor could tout that comment, but this group is not just about making the sale.  They ask questions about their specific needs and then they assist educators with cost effective options to meet their needs.  They are also unique in that they provide on-going technical assistance and training.

The Schoolware staff is one of integrity, knowledge and professionalism.  They have a clear understanding of the needs of education and how to help schools make good choices.  I would highly recommend Schoolware, Inc. to anyone seeking to improve educational opportunities that effect change for students.

Denise Riley
Assistant Director



Through your training efforts and assistance, we have become an exemplary program that is recognized on the national level.  Please convey compliments to your entire staff for being fantastic partners in this effort.  Your team has been well-organized, resourceful, and professional while locating appropriate academic enrichment programs that prepare students for college.

It is important for you to know that we recognize your efforts and because of these efforts, we are making a difference in southeastern Oklahoma.  Certainly, we have the utmost confidence in your abilities.  Your company has consistently worked with us in a most productive manner.  Because of this successful relationship, we plan to utilize your services in the future.

We are fortunate to have you on our team and look forward to more success in the future.  It is through your guidance that we select programs and spend a great deal of funding with your company.  You are setting a high standard for others to follow.  All of us at GEAR UP applaud you for a job well done.

Sandy Decker
GEAR UP Director
Southeastern Oklahoma State University



Your presentation ensured the success of this conference and a successful school year for the schools that are making remarkable strides with Oklahoma's at-risk young people.  Comments from participants in your session indicate that you presented pertinent information and that they appreciated your energy as well as the wealth of information that you shared.  The teachers really liked your format.

Mary L. Meritt, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
School Improvement
Oklahoma State Department of Education



We first piloted Math Facts Matter in our summer program.  The students were actively engaged and on task while working with the progran.  Math Facts Matter was designed to teach the mastery of math facts to the automatic level through a series of tasks and corresponding rewards.  We currently use this program three days a week in our first through sixth grades.  We know students are engaged because they ask for more practice time.  Because the program is providing a new source for students to obtain fact mastery, teachers like to use it.

We believe the Math Facts Matter program is well grounded in child/student development based on available research.  We also feel it is in alignment with Oklahoma PASS and will provide students with the skill necessary to perform successfully on state-mandated tests.

Bill Austin
Denison Public School
Idabel, Oklahoma



I have been fortunate to have the Math Facts Matter program for many years, and I can't say enough good things about it.  My students are excited about using the program and constantly beg to get online.  They love it!  I love it because they are learning their facts and enjoying it.  They have shown great progress in mastering their facts unlike any other program we have tried.  Plus, it is a program they can utilize at home.  I have had several parents comment on their children using the program at home and how their child did not want to stop working when they asked them to!

Michelle Stone
Technology Coordinator
Eastward Elementary School
Colbert Public Schools



Kathy Robinson, CEO of Schoolware, Inc. has been serving schools in this area for a number of years.  She is very responsive to our needs as a school and works diligently to help us obtain products at a reasonable price.  One of these products is Math Facts Matter.  The comments made by elementary teachers in the computer lab are very positive.  Parents have also made positive comments about the Math Facts program. 

The bottom line is Math Facts Matter works, it is user friendly, the students enjoy using it, and it improves their math skills.  When you combine good products with a good company, this equals success.  I really do support Kathy Robinson in her endeavors to improve our student skills.

Jarvis Dobbs
Colbert Public School



The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma supports the recent collaboration between Schoolware, Inc. and Oklahoma State University.  Pooling the talent and resources of these two entities will ensure the development of a quality product.

We in the Choctaw Nation Education Department are very familiar with the high standards and quality of Schoolware products.  We have worked personally with Kathy Robinson, CEO of Schoolware to match products to specific needs within our department.

Most recently, the Choctaw Nation purchased Math Facts Matter math program for Jones Academy (a Choctaw Nation operate residential school) and look forward to seeing the benefits our students will receive from using it.

Schoolware also developed a curriculum for an early childhood language preservation program which is still used by the Choctaw Nation.  This curriculum has been used for the past three years by our Head Start students.

We agree to participate in the feasibility study conducted by Schoolware, Inc. and Oklahoma State University's research and development team.

Joy Culbreath
Executive Education Director
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma



The Choctaw Language Department has had the opportunity to collaborate with Schoolware, Inc.  We are in the infancy of creating the Chactaw Language program to meet the needs of our people.  Schoolware has been most helpful in the development and implementation of the instruction material.  They are both socially and culturally correct for native peoples.

As an indigenous people, we always are concerned with the development of materials that portray a Native American context and sensitivity to the native learner.  Schoolware has always been an active facilitator at helping us achieve those goals.

Terry Ragan
Director of the Language and Education Department
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma



As the Chair of the Educational Technology program at Oklahoma State University, I am prepared to dedicate faculty and graduate student time and resources to support Schoolware's development of additional instructional software.

Susan L. Stansberry, Ed.D.
Associate Professor and Program Chair, Educational Technology
Oklahoma State University


We fully support the recent collaboration between the Educational Technology Department at OSU and Schoolware, Inc.  This fits in with the scope of our mission to assist small manufacturers in Oklahoma by enhancing their capabilities and to create new and enhanced jobs.  We believe this proposal deserves to be funded are willing to support it completely.

Rangi K. Vaidyanathan, PH. D, P.E.
Director Small Business Innovation Research Program
U.S. Department of Education
Washington DC  20065-4230